Individual Counseling

We are licensed and capable of treating a wide variety of mental and emotional conditions from Anxiety and Depression to Bipolar and PTSD as well as relationship issues.   Our experienced professionals will diagnose and treat your mental health condition for the most productive outcomes for you.


Group Counseling

The next group session will be "Living with Loss"

A Paramount Behavioral Health 10 session group series facilitated by Dan Compton – A licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who has personally experienced loss of loved ones by Cancer, Suicide, and Stroke.  The group is co-facilitated by Christene Cernick RN, BSN, CCE who lost her husband through an unusual form of suicide.

This 10 week closed (no new attendees once started) group will provide comfort to those who have lost loved ones from a variety of causes and explore therapeutic ways of coping with these devastating events.

If you have experienced loss recently, or some time ago, and cannot seem to cope - this support group will be beneficial.  It addresses many forms of loss and provides relief to those who are having difficulty with the passing of their loved one.

This group is currently closed.  Please call to be added to the waiting list or for one on one individual counseling for your loss - we are here for you.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment

We have licensed and OCDP Board Certified Chemical Dependency Counselors with the highest credentials on staff to provide one on one counseling to those in need.  Our evidence based protocols and copyrighted treatment programs are effectively waging war against the historic substance use epidemic.  Overdose deaths have reached pandemic proportions.  We can help.